Promoting Values of Life, Traditional Culture, International Savvy, and Social Justice
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About the Author

Mark Nuckols is a recent Ph.D. in Slavic Languages (Linguistics specialization) from the Ohio State University. He has lived in Slovakia for six years (1990-92 and 1993-97) and has spent a total of nearly a year in the Czech Republic. His travels include 15 countries of Europe. He is fluent in Czech, German, Russian, and Slovak.

He was editor-in-chief of the conservative student paper The Observer at Ohio State from 1998-2000 and continued contributing for roughly two years thereafter. (The Observer has since given way to the libertarian-dominated publication The Sentinel.)

As a result of his experiences in the West Slavic culture of Slovakia, and as a result of his inspiration by the recent Pope John Paul II, he converted, after years of consideration, to the Roman Catholic faith at Easter 2006.

He has decided to found the website as a result of what he sees lacking in American politics--a compassionate conservatism that combines values of life and traditional culture with those of social justice and a reasoned conservationism.





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